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BlueWave II 2.1 Stereo Speakers with Bluetooth Technology


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Superb listening experience, anytime, anywhere

Get a complete sound package with the KWS 616 2.1 Speaker system with Bluetooth® technology. This speaker system features two full range 10-watt satellite speakers and a powerful 20-watt subwoofer with convenient volume, bass and music controls located on its front panel. With USB and SD ports, you can hook up to this system any way you like. This 3-piece Speaker System has enough power to pump clear, undistorted sound, and to maximize your audio experience from your videogames, movies and your music


  • 2.1 stereo speaker system: This three piece audio system allows you to enjoy brilliant sound for music, games and videos
  • Subwoofer: Delivers deep, rich bass in a compact design
  • Satellites: Convenient small footprint satellites
  • Auxiliary, USB and SD inputs: Diferent audio inputs integrated in the unit allow for the easy playback of digital music files from a variety of sources